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Company History

Phumla Warrenton

In Warrenton less than 6 years ago a woman saw an opportunity to make a difference and here are some before and mostly after pictures of how that journey enfolded. If we are serious about turning the economy of this country around we should share this story to inspire every entrepreneur around the world. She never applied for any assistance from any government organisation, she simply started on this journey determined to make a difference and she did.

She did this on her own steam, re-investing in her own facility, upgrading continuously and with the help of her staff that are from the community. This is a success story that shows that all you need is determination to make a difference. There are no big brand names, just a story of taking one day at a time, improving one day at a time and making a difference. The result is a facility unlike any other in the country or the world with a zoo with farm animals and animals you do not see every day, a small museum that houses working vehicles and a horse drawn carriage dating back more than a century.

The facility that is clean and keep their standards compromised and that caters differently to every unique customer and a community that benefits. If we would like to celebrate women and how one woman’s belief in making a difference in a community is changing an entire community, entire landscapes and has the potential to change an entire country for the better. If we would like to share the story of a remarkable female entrepreneur, if we want to learn how in less than 6 years one woman with little money and a lot of resistance from day one has turned this site.